Why Japanese women in bathing suits do not hesitate?

Hello friends. If you were in Japan, and often visited its many beaches, you probably know the answer to the question.

I am here to tell you that Japanese women wear swimsuits without embarrassment. They put on thongs, T-shirts and similar things that do not close them from head to toe. For the most part they are not ashamed.

Polls that claim that only some of the Japanese women feel relaxed, this is not true.

Japanese women focus on either low-calorie foods or healthier foods in very limited quantities. Some even try light diets that give only minor results. The truth is that most Japanese women look very good in bikinis. By this I mean that they have a flat stomach and they look very natural.

For example, most American women despise and resent women with perfect bodies, rather than admire them. Hollywood does a good job of promoting pretty non-American-looking women, because in reality few women have absolutely exceptional bodies, while the rest cannot boast of such.

Again, this is the Hollywood standard. Having a rather large and slim buttocks and perfectly folded breasts is considered beautiful.

Some guys claim that small breasts and tight little butts are fun.

In fact, the middle and large size of the buttocks – this is what you need, along with chest size C. Having a good abdomen is also absolutely necessary. To achieve this goal, some American women, most of whom are vain, go to the gym and do intense workouts. They diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein for three months, lose all weight and then return to normal.

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In fact, although most American women do not have slim bodies, many parade fact on public beaches without shame.

Japanese women are not so keen on diets. In the world, pyshechki are gaining popularity, especially in some popular men’s magazines. Also among the growing number of men who consider larger women more beautiful. On the contrary, in Japan this disapprovingly demonstrates such a great development. For a Japanese woman to parade a full body is unacceptable, as many Japanese men have a feeling of fear next to such a lady.

People here in Japan do not know how to accept what they are aging and they need to move on, they are stuck in this fantasy about wanting to be young, thin and beautiful, even from the age of sixty.

In recent years, all attempts to change the perception of female beauty have been in vain.

Finally, Japanese women, as a rule, flaunt their belongings, no matter what the polls say.

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