What to drink to grow while we sleep

Anabolic processes do not stop in a dream. On the contrary, the body begins to produce growth hormone, and recover faster.But at night we do not eat, which means that the influx amino acidscan stop. Is there any solution to optimize the recovery processes in the muscles? Scientific sources claim that in addition to ZMA andarginine no other drugs can speed up the recovery and “switch” the body to a restorative anabolic background.

What to drink to grow when we sleep
This supplementation regimen is suitable for those who are on the ground, or on supporting calories trying to achieve body recomposition. It is not suitable for those who are drying, since in the morning it will be necessary to fill the deficit.amino acidsusing gainer high protein andcarbohydrate.

So, in order to recover faster at night you need to drink:

A portion of arginine , about 7 g;
The standard dose is ZMA in which 15-30 mg of zinc, 200-450 mg of magnesium and 10, 5 g of vitamin B6.
Take supplements need on an empty stomach , it will help them to digest completely. In the morning, you will need to drink 20 grams of pure protein, and 20 grams of carbohydrates in the form of a cocktail, to immediately fill the nutritional deficiencies.

Of course, the regimen with ZMA and arginine is not the only one. Some experts recommend that this “cocktail of additives” be accompanied with regular casein . More preciselycasein need to drink an hour before bedtime, and zma and arginine- just before bedtime. It makes sense, because casein will slowly break down and give away amino acids.

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