The number of victims of a fire in a house on Nikitsky Boulevard in Moscow increased to 8

Rescuers found under the rubble the body of another minor child, who previously could not find. Thus, among the victims of the fire on Nikitsky Boulevard – two children

Under the rubble on the site of a fire in a residential building on Nikitsky Boulevard in the center of Moscow, rescuers discovered the body of another one dead. Thus, the number of fire victims has increased to eight people, according to the TASS and Interfax agencies, citing sources in the emergency services of the capital. Later information about this was confirmed in the Investigation Committee.

According to TASS, the deceased is a child. “Determine its gender is not possible,” – said the source agency.

“To this hour, the investigation has information about eight dead, two of whom are young children,” said the Main Investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow.

Currently, investigators and criminologists continue to inspect the scene.

RBC sources at the State Department of the Interior in Moscow and in the territorial police department had previously indicated that six adults had died as a result of the fire, including one elderly woman born in 1936 and one minor child. The location of another child was unknown.

The fire occurred on the night of February 4 in a residential building built in 1912, which is located at: Nikitsky Boulevard, Building 12. A fire alarm was told by RBC sources, he entered the police on duty in Presnensky district of Moscow at 1:14 Moscow time, after six minutes to the house came the first patrol. By this time the third, fourth and fifth floors of the building were engulfed in flames. Officially, the TFR indicated that by the time the firefighters arrived at the scene, “there was an open burning of five windows in the apartment located on the fifth floor.” The fire area was 1 thousand square meters. m

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About 50 people were evacuated from the house, the source added, four of them were sent to hospitals with severe injuries (later one of the hospitalized died). According to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, the victims are in the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care, their life is not in danger.

The police believe that the fire center was located either in apartment No. 44 or apartment No. 46. As follows from an extract from the unified state register of real estate, apartment 44 is owned in equal shares by Natalya Timofeevna Bashmet and Ksenia Yuryevna Bashmet. The names of women coincide with the names of the wife and daughter of the famous conductor Yuri Bashmet. Apartment 46 belongs to Victoria Nikolaevna Leshchenko.

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