The Kremlin is waiting for Google to correctly indicate the geographical identity of the Crimea

The company had previously called the designation of the region as the territory of Ukraine a technical malfunction, and on the eve they had been assured that the error had been fixed.
The Kremlin expects that Google maps will correctly indicate the geographical identity of Crimea, despite the fact that the service is foreign. This was stated to journalists by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov.

“Crimea is one of the regions of the Russian Federation,” emphasized Peskov. – We certainly expect that, let’s say, from a geographical point of view, the identity of the Crimea will be indicated correctly.

Recall that in late January , the State Duma decided to develop a bill that would introduce penalties for incorrect display of state borders. Google called the designation of Crimea as a territory of Ukraine a technical failure , later assuring that the error was corrected .

In Crimea, responded to correcting errors with maps.

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