The first GMO children were born in China

Shocking news came from China: twins were born there, in the genome of which the experimenter intervened at the stage of embryonic development.

Nanu and Lulu – the first GMO children
In February, the Chinese authorities acknowledged the experiment with the genes of children, although they stated that the doctor acted at his own peril and risk, the experience was not officially allowed. But it turned out that he was still not a secret: several dozen scientists from different countries of the world recognized that they knew about the study of their Chinese colleague to some extent.

The author of the implemented idea was the biologist Jiankui He. Genetically modified babies were born back in November last year. About what their condition is now, nothing is reported. Only the names of twins are called: Nana and Lulu.

The experimenter named the reason that prompted him to do such a thing: he dreamed of freeing people from HIV, and as a result of the experiments, children were born who are immune to this terrible disease. Twins became offspring from a healthy mother and father infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

How did the experiment go
It is reported that several more married couples participated in the trials, and one of the women is already pregnant at the moment, although the term is short. As far as the subjects clearly understood the risks that their heirs put at risk, nobody knows, this remains on the conscience of the author of the experiment and his closest assistants.

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Several scientists from the USA, countries of Europe and Asia confirmed that they knew about the intentions of their Chinese counterpart. Someone justifies that he did not take his words seriously. Others insist that they tried to dissuade him, but they doubted whether they were entitled to publicize the case of the upcoming experience. And some of the members of the scientific community even agreed to participate in the study.

Unpredictable effects of experience
Scientists have already had to be introduced into human DNA, but the discussion so far has been about experiments, where adults were subjects. Since the germ cells of the experiment participant have already formed, it is considered that these changes will not affect the progeny.

Strictly speaking, this fact is not yet an axiom, it is possible that here, as in the case of the influence of GMO products, we are still waiting for unpleasant surprises.

Who knows, maybe the legends of centaurs, the Minotaur, the griffins and the chimeras are not without foundation? There is such a hypothesis: all these and other “hybrids” were the result of genetic experiments of aliens who visited our planet in ancient times.

But back to our realities. In the case of the Chinese experiments, unborn children have become experimental. Biologists have intervened in the genome without their knowledge and consent, and most importantly, now changes in DNA will be inherited, passed down from generation to generation, so it is not known which mutations will appear in the distant future.

The author of the technique promises to reveal the details of the experiment in a future scientific article. And the authorities of the People’s Republic of China began to investigate the activities of Mr. Jiankui He’s laboratory.

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