Student MAI pounced with a knife on the neighbors in the hostel

Two first-year students received cuts in their hands, but refused to write statements to the police for the girl.
A student at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) stabbed two people with a knife, the Moscow Agency reported , citing a law enforcement source.

The incident occurred on the night of February 28 in a hostel on Festival Street. The police found out that being in unhealthy excitement, the 19-year-old sophomore took a knife and started to go down the stairs from the 20th floor.

Soon she met a freshman and asked him for a cigarette, and on refusal she hit him with a knife on the arm. On the passage of the 16th floor the girl met another freshman and asked him to smoke. She took out a knife and stabbed him. The young man went to the guards, and the sophomore climbed to the floor where he lives.

The girl took the outfit of emergency psychiatric care. Affected young people refused to write applications for a student. Militiamen find out circumstances of the incident.

Earlier, Life wrote that in Moscow a man stabbed a friend in a sushi bar.

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