Singles – will die?

Network modes in video games are gaining more and more popularity in the market, gradually pushing aside the single player. Now the release of the game without multiplayer or, at least, a cooperative is considered almost a move for the developer. And every now and then there are discussions on the topic “will a single die in games?”. So let’s try to figure it out …

The main problem for any singleplayer game, perhaps, is one-time. Yes, many RPGs can be played 100 times almost every time discovering something new for themselves, however, the developer will receive money for it only once. You can, of course, produce DLC, but a huge number of add-ons for a single game will seem wild and will most likely cause a negative reaction from players who almost guaranteed to think that the game was banal drank into pieces and now they are sold piece by piece to cash in on the consumer. In the case of online games, everything is much simpler – DLC and content updates look appropriate for any number and “over9000” for the same PayDay2 maximum laugh the community and hardly make the players take up the forks with torches and go punishing the “bourgeois developers” for excessive greed.

In order to “dispel” the seriousness of this problem, it is enough to recall games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Revolution, Resident Evil 2: Remake, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and similar projects, which despite the singleplayer and “limited” content so far then sold with a bang and collected a huge cashier and also quite successfully live. Skyrim will “die” at all only when people run out of imagination and run out of a stream of trash mods that have become a feature of the game.

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The second problem is popularity.

Many developers are afraid that the singleplayer game in the multiplayer era will seem like a mammoth and will not gather enough popularity. However, they, for the most part, do not take into account the fact that if the game is really good, then it will be able to collect a huge fan base and sales, even in the absence of network functions. Again, let’s turn back to Resident Evil 2: Remake, which started so successfully that in the shortest possible time it overtook even Resident Evil 7 in sales and became one of the main wincoms of Capcom in recent years. Well, some games become classics at all and they are bought without even paying attention to the year of issue and the game is outdated. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Skyrim are great examples of this.

Problem three – the complexity of creation.

What is needed to create a successful and quickly paying off online game? You just need to make a fun game with a relaxed gameplay, adequate servers and at the same time corresponding to the trends prevailing in the market. Well, or more simply, take a hype-train . In the case of singles, according to some developers, you need to suffer in order to achieve high quality content and attract the attention of the audience. In their opinion, it is not enough now to release just a fit single-player game. We also need it to be something revolutionary.

However, the same undertale, gathered on bare enthusiasm from “what came to hand” or Devil May Cry V, which is, in fact, a mix of all the good pieces of the previous parts and DmC: Devil May Cry destroys this thesis at the root.

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The fourth problem is piracy.

Pirates, of course, are a serious problem for the gaming industry of the XXI century. Major publishers of “digital thieves” will scrape a maximum like a dog from a flea accidentally jumping onto its back, but indie developers and small studios will have a hard time.However, again, if the game is made with a soul and conscience, then even connoisseurs of “triangle”, utorrent and Roma will give her the honor and buy, having tried “torrent edishn” per tooth. Recall the success of the Witcher series, the developers of which began with a decrepit nedokompyuteru, sadly huddled in the corner of the exhibition and demonstrated the “First Witcher” and, as a result, became “Poles who could gamedev”. Piracy undoubtedly brings harm and harm big, but, nevertheless, the problem of “digital corsairs” is greatly exaggerated and even developers themselves, partly, are to blame for the developers themselves, who refused to demo versions and, thus, forced some gamers to look for “probes” on torrents …

What do we have in the end? Singles lived, live and will live while there are companies that are fond of a good story and interesting gameplay. And such companies, fortunately, have not yet become a strange beast. If you do not disdain “turkey”, then suitable singles and do “heaps” and more on the shelves of digital stores. On this basis, we can consider the “threat of extinction of the single player” greatly exaggerated and bloated due to the panic of the “old men” who have somehow lagged behind the development of the industry and see the “scapegoat” in multiplayer projects …

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