Parsing Remaining Questions After Watching The Avengers: Final (Part 1)

“The Avengers: The Finale” – the culmination of the history of the 22 films, which began back in 2008, so it is clear that it must close the remaining plot gaps. And, nevertheless, even after watching the film, there are many questions.

Let’s try to find answers to them.

How did captain Marvel find Tony and Nebula?
One of the biggest questions comes at the very beginning of the film. A few hours before certain death, and seemingly out of nowhere, Captain Marvel appears to save Tony and Nebula, who have been floating in space for three weeks.

How she found them is not clear, if you do not remember the scene after the captions “Captain Marvel”, which occurred after the events of the film. Thanks to this scene, it is also possible to explain the fact that the Avengers are not surprised to find a flying and radiant woman who returned their beloved Iron Man from space. Hypothetically, Captain Marvel responded to a request from a Fury pager, flew to Earth, spoke to the Avengers, and told about herself, and then they asked her to go in search of Tony.

Did the rat save the galaxy?
I think yes. After the killing of Thanos (which was rather unexpected, yes?), The Avengers had no options or hopes for the next five years. Then, the rat in the vault accidentally presses a button and Scott Lang is released from the quantum world, and everything comes into action. I wonder if this rat will have any important role in the future. I think no.

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Where is New Asgard located?
One of the funniest early discoveries in the film is that Asgard, which was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, founded a new residence at some reservoir.

To get there, the Rocket and the Hulk took a spacecraft in New York, but there are no clear indications whether they left Earth or not. If it is Earth, the village looks as if it could be somewhere in Europe. Is it true that some country will simply allow another, alien population to settle in its territory?

What happened to other Asgardians?
In Avengers: War of Infinity, we learn that half of the Asgardians who left Asgard fled before Thanos attacked their ship. Among them were the Valkyrie and Korg. We do not know how or when this group met with Thor again, or where they were at this time, but maybe one day we will find out.

Is “Back to the Future” really bullshit?
The film Avengers: The Finals is trying to create a new twist on time travel. Hulk and Nebula, explained to Scott and Rodie that time travel films such as Back to the Future are bullshit.

Their theory is that if you go into the past and change something, the future to which you return will be different, not the one from which you left. And it makes sense. But in the film they do just that, and repeatedly. It was not very logical to insert such a dialogue in the film …

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