Sea spiders

Once I went late after work in the subway. I stayed because I was engaged in my research objects – sea spiders. Observed their larvae and stayed late. I am going to the subway, I […]


Each galaxy has a galactic center, in which space processes occur regularly through the formation of new stars. The distance from the Sun to the galactic center is 26 thousand light years. Our star is […]

Michael Jackson was not a pedophile?

So, “Leaving Nevelend” was taken off the air of the first channel under the pressure of Michael Jackson’s fans, who threatened to file complaints with the Rospotrebnadzor. In reality, I think that it did not […]

The first GMO children were born in China

Shocking news came from China: twins were born there, in the genome of which the experimenter intervened at the stage of embryonic development. Nanu and Lulu – the first GMO children In February, the Chinese […]

Singles – will die?

Network modes in video games are gaining more and more popularity in the market, gradually pushing aside the single player. Now the release of the game without multiplayer or, at least, a cooperative is considered […]

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