The terrible life of unusual people

Elephant Man, Siamese Twins or Dame Baboon – in the XIX century, performances of unusual people attracted crowds of spectators. If some were curious to just look at them, then the doctors of that time […]

Getting rid of aphids

I received an offer to talk about ways of dealing with aphids, which I will do with pleasure. In our temperate climate, such an omnivorous pest as an aphid in a typical summer may not […]

5 tricks to deceive the brain

1. The Ganzfield Effect What about a hallucinogenic experience without the help of prohibited substances? Studies conducted in the 1930s by the psychologist Wolfgang Metzger showed that sensory deprivation (lat. Deprivatio – loss, deprivation) can […]

Sea spiders

Once I went late after work in the subway. I stayed because I was engaged in my research objects – sea spiders. Observed their larvae and stayed late. I am going to the subway, I […]


Each galaxy has a galactic center, in which space processes occur regularly through the formation of new stars. The distance from the Sun to the galactic center is 26 thousand light years. Our star is […]

Michael Jackson was not a pedophile?

So, “Leaving Nevelend” was taken off the air of the first channel under the pressure of Michael Jackson’s fans, who threatened to file complaints with the Rospotrebnadzor. In reality, I think that it did not […]

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