Not the weaker sex. Female taxi drivers began to receive good marks more often than men.

A popular taxi service reported that the number of women taxi drivers doubled in a year. Users are satisfied with their work.
The Yandex. Taxi service has published a study on female taxi drivers working with the company.

Over the past year, the number of female drivers in Yandex. Taxi has doubled. Most women cooperate with the service in Khabarovsk, Berezniki, Nakhodka, Kyzyl and Nizhny Tagil.

The average rating of a woman behind the wheel in service is 4.85. They get good marks from Yandex. Taxi clients 5% more often than men. Also, users write positive reviews about traveling with women and a half times more often.

The most original reviews (spelling and punctuation preserved):

– The driver knows by heart limp bizkit behind blue eyes. Mentally sang 😉

– Sorry!!! I didn’t pay you 2 rubles !!! I can translate

Goddess, not the driver

“Just the Victoria secret angel …”

– Super driver, helped and open the door and pull out the package. Thank you very much

– Wonderful woman! Driving is safe, the car is clean, and the sense of humor is just a tower !!!! I want her to come to me more often

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