The man was captured by crocodiles and survived

The Australian among crocodiles spent the whole night and miraculously survived. In Queensland, Australia, a man spent the whole night on a tree fleeing crocodiles, the Daily Mail reports. 38-year-old Joel Griffiths went fishing in […]

Is Uncle Freud’s theory scientific?

Good afternoon, dear readers! Freud’s theory In general, I should say theories, since they are not the same for Freud, but in order not to bore you with details, I will only indicate them schematically […]

Who are francs?

In the 3rd century, West Germanic tribes settled along the Rhine River and on the sandy wastelands north of the Rhine estuary. Roman authors, craftsmen inventing names and names, had a bad idea of ​​who […]

Fashion for connoisseurs of STALKER

Hi, Stalkers! While Grigorovich is pleased with his result of the work done on STALKER 2 , we are playing with fashion while waiting for release. So, let’s tell you about a couple of mods […]

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