How I cooked the french sauce

For the first time Sergey Leonov, brand chef of Jean-Jacques restaurants, told me about the demiglas. We were filming a recipe for onion soup for the magazine, and this ancient French dish is based on […]

7 unusual facts about Anna Akhmatova

Pushkin Pin Akhmatova was sure that she had a mystical contact with Pushkin. She considered her childhood discovery to be the real sign of this. On a walk in one of the parks in Tsarskoye […]

Can you get diabetes?

In personal messages I get asked a lot of questions about diabetes. Usually they are associated with insulin doses, correction of blood sugar, as well as diet and nutrition in diabetes. But the question I […]

Butler life was not sugar?

Each person has their own skeletons in the closet. Fame and success do not come to everyone. Not always a person immediately chooses the right path in life. Gerard Butler is a perfect example of […]

Salad: Chinese beaten cucumbers

Very tasty quick snack – broken cucumbers in Chinese. It is done quite simply, but its fresh taste will not leave anyone indifferent. Ingredients: Cucumbers – 5 pcs Garlic – 5 cloves Chilli Pepper – […]

The man was captured by crocodiles and survived

The Australian among crocodiles spent the whole night and miraculously survived. In Queensland, Australia, a man spent the whole night on a tree fleeing crocodiles, the Daily Mail reports. 38-year-old Joel Griffiths went fishing in […]

Is Uncle Freud’s theory scientific?

Good afternoon, dear readers! Freud’s theory In general, I should say theories, since they are not the same for Freud, but in order not to bore you with details, I will only indicate them schematically […]

Who are francs?

In the 3rd century, West Germanic tribes settled along the Rhine River and on the sandy wastelands north of the Rhine estuary. Roman authors, craftsmen inventing names and names, had a bad idea of ​​who […]

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